Hello lovelies,

woah, its been like years since i came here.  I apologize for disappearing so suddenly without even saying anything but I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not been able to reply to you messages. I just moved to another blog because my interests have changed ^_^.

 My new main blog = (xoxo.)  Pls feel free to come and say hi and I’ll def follow you back, just let me know. 

Have a wonderful day :) <3 

Thursday, 2nd of October
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normal girls’ dream room


my dream room


Tuesday, 29th of October




Tom that’s not the point.

I think that’s usually the point.

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Monday, 21st of October
Wednesday, 16th of October


concert tickets or boyfriend?

[clears throat]


"concert tickets to see my boyfriend”

Sunday, 22nd of September

We all put a lot of thought into his outfits. I get to wear very well-cut, good-looking suits although there’s so little waist that sometimes I can’t breathe or digest properly. The sad thing is that I had a coat very similar to Sherlock’s before I got the role – it was a present from someone – but I can’t wear it out in public now, which is sad.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Sunday, 22nd of September

baekhyun’s lips (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Thursday, 19th of September
Thursday, 19th of September
Monday, 16th of September
Monday, 16th of September

People call you the Da Vinci of our time, what do you have to say about that?

Absolutely ridiculous, I don’t paint.

Tuesday, 10th of September
Tuesday, 10th of September

the single greatest scene in the history of cinema

Tuesday, 10th of September
Tuesday, 10th of September
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Promotional shoot for ‘MOULIN ROUGE!’ 2001.

Monday, 9th of September